Design Solutions
for Startup Companies

We’re different from your average design agency. Instead of being handed deliverables, you get a goal-driven team.

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Focused on Your Goals

Design awards are nice, but that’s not what we’re here to do. Nothing excites us like your startup’s success, and we want to help you solve your toughest problems.

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Data-Driven Design

We believe that by looking at the numbers, it is possible to identify accurate and testable solutions to tough design issues. This is an industry direction we actively promote.

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Integrated and Informed

Our breadth as a consultancy is not limited to design. We collaborate with management, engineering, and marketing to make sure your whole business is streamlined.



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Fullstack Learn

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"MayStar succeeded in creating an organized design framework for Grace Hopper that is served to thousands of students and alumni."

Shanna Gregory

Grace Hopper

"I'm constantly impressed by the way MayStar is able to fill in the gaps in our design department with captivating results."

Mark Davis

Fullstack Academy

"The way these guys work is remarkable. They are the most organized consultants I've ever worked with."

Bjorg Hardardottir

By Bjorg

A fully integrated design workflow

Website Design

We're experienced website builders with over 12 years of combined experience creating rich, effective and highly optimized website experiences.

App Design

Whether you're creating a mobile app or a web app, we will help you create a design framework so that you can have a scalable feature workflow in the future.

Brand Strategy

Your company's brand is more than a memorable logo. We will help you to define them and deploy a purposeful brand strategy that's reflective of your values.

Design Management

Creating workflows is our specialty. We will employ simple but effective workflows and management frameworks to keep your project on track and on point.

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