About MayStar

Founded in 2016, MayStar Consulting is a small but experienced design consultancy based in New York City. Our main goal is to provide startup companies - like our own - with accurate and testable design solutions. Collaborating with your marketing and product teams, we implement data-driven processes to ensure all benchmarks and milestones are met.

We apply the most current design best practices and integrate seamlessly with your team, adopting and improving existing workflows to create the maximum amount of improvement during our time.

And we strive to be constant, attentive learners in the design field. This is a perennial aim. We make sure that you, the client, are actively involved in understanding and applying these standards.

Startup success is what drives us to wake up every day and do our best work. We’re excited to work with you to make something extraordinary.

Oddur Sigurdsson

Oddur Sigurdsson

Director of Design

Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, Oddur has been a designer and developer for over eight years. While working for NYC coding bootcamp Fullstack Academy, he rose in the ranks from Intern to Creative Director, and considers himself a lifelong design student, consistently reading and writing on the subject.
Hjalti Unnar Agustsson

Hjalti Unnar Agustsson

Director of Operations

Also hailing from Iceland, Hjalti has a deep technical background, obtaining his IT Engineering degree in Denmark and working closely with a diverse group of Icelandic software startups. An experienced developer, Hjalti is educated in all aspects of product development and essential to efficiently achieving your business objectives.
Hjalti Unnar Agustsson

Jeffrey Klaus

Director of Technology

From a small college town in Pennsylvania, Jeff is an accomplished senior engineer, with specializations in server-side JavaScript with Node.js and systems architecture. He earned a degree from Penn State University and went on to study full-stack engineering at Fullstack Academy, where he later went on to become a teaching fellow.

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